Problem Assessment

EV – Intelligent Report

An EV – Electric Vehicle of Tesla’s characteristics has complex systems and components.

It is important to establish a work criteria that allows you to know exactly the possibilities of repairing a problem and the proposed solution.

EV – Intelligent Report

When you leave us your Vehicle, we will first make a Technical Report.

This report will have the following characteristics:

Special Technical Reports:

1- Technical Report for the evaluation of a vehicle you want to buy:

Perhaps you are interested in acquiring a second-hand Tesla and want to know how this car is doing. Our report will indicate the status of each system, as well as the health status of the battery and the expected autonomy.


2- Damaged Vehicle Technical Report:

It may happen that you want a technical report to evaluate the advisability of repairing a vehicle that has had an accident.


3- Technical Report to have a second opinion:

It may happen that you need a second opinion regarding a problem with your vehicle. Perhaps you already have an estimate and want to verify the suitability of carrying out the work or the accuracy of the solution that you have been offered.


Click to see an Example of Technical Report


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